About Glass Nest


Target Temp


What is it?

Glass Nest is a simple piece of Glassware that lets you control your nest thermostat using a simple set of voice commands. With Glass Nest, your thermostat is only a glance away.

How's it work?

By logging in with your Google account, and then using your nest credentials (don’t worry, we encrypt them securely along with all your information) we push a card down to your Glass Timeline. This card should be pinned to your timeline for easy access. From this card, which looks a lot like the one above, you can use the ‘Reply’ menu item to speak a command. These commands are interpreted as temperature changes, or away status changes.

What can I do?

Right now, Glass Nest can understand commands of the form
... temperature to [degrees] ...Sets target temp. to [degrees]
... [degrees] degrees ...Sets target temp. to [degrees]
... heading|going out ...Sets nest to Away mode
... leaving the apartment ...Sets nest to Away mode
... away status to true ...Sets nest to Away mode
... heading|going home ...Takes nest out of Away mode
... leaving work | the office ...Takes nest out of Away mode
... away status to false ...Takes nest out of Away mode
... I'm home ...Takes nest out of Away mode

Is this an official nest app?

NO This is a side-project by @jamesrundquist and has in no way been endorsed or supported by nest.
If you are interested in the code, find a bug, or would like to contribute, fork the project on github.